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I have been working with Apophysis for years now and have collected a lot of plugins, scripts & tutorials. Now that 7x has came many are useless. All dough Xyrus has recompiled many of them for 7x (x64) which are available here. The problem is still that there are tons of plugins to be added.
I know that there are a lot of problems with plugins. Many people still use old versions of Apo (especially v2.08 3D Hack) and there are a lot of old plugs that are made for this old versions.
My idea is to form some kind of plugin repository for each version of Apophysis. That way It would be easy to maintain sources, versions, port old ones to 64bit, see which ones conflict with one another, etc ...
It would take time and effort but I think that would be a great solution. Better than browsing all the existing packs & finding that the plugin you need is not there, or doesn't work for your version or is conflicting with existing ones. And what about Apophysis Plugin Manager? Where is it? I have an old version. That tool was a solution in a way but you still needed to be careful which ones you add.
The repository is one solution. The more sophisticated one would be to add some kind of plugin management system in the program itself in future releases. Like in Processing 2 where you have a library manager with which you can instantly install any library, tools and modes that are available in the repository. That would spare a lot of time searching for a specific plugin you need that moment.
  • Listening to: Progressive Trance and House
  • Reading: scientific, programming, graphic gesign, etc
  • Watching: I dont watch TV. It just numbs people down.
  • Playing: With multimedia programming.
  • Eating: Diverse
  • Drinking: Natural Juices (crazy bout them)


DaMiRmAn's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Born in Zagreb & still living here. Ill start from high scool.
I finished School of Applied Art & Design. Class of Metal Design. It included lessons on etching reliefs in cooper & silver, unique jewelry, makeing pictures with email, plastic modeling & drawing and painting.
In first year i hooked up with a guy that introduced me to electronic music making on a PC. From then I experiment with merging styles & synthesising unique sounds. Im obsessed with it. DSP, FFT had become one of my research domains.
At that time i started my own litlle journey that would led me to discovering greater truths & abstractions. Couple of years after highschool I entered dark times & still fighting my way to light.
Facing difficult times I started to get interested in all kind of things from low level to high level programming, digital design, algorhitmic design (Scriptographer in Illustrator, GrassHopper in Rhino, Context Free, Structure Synth ...), visual programming (Processing, Node Box, vvvv, AVS ...), sound programming (Csound, ChucK, Pure Data, Max/MSP, Super Collider ...), sciences that didnt interest me before like chaotic systems, fractals, attractors, iterated systems, l-systems, fractal flames. Sound & visual programming is something Im really passionet about coz of my music making so thats focus point.
I then applied my knowledge to real life (reality reversing and truth seeking) finding patterns in our behaveior & world where I havent before. I sudenly saw the world & reality as a giant puzzle where many peaces are still missing but the patterns were emerging everywhere.
I finished seminars on Digital Design & Web Design. So I would call myself a designer in general but coz all that Im interested in Im just another explorer of unknown & known.
But lately I find it difficult to find job so im freelancing. Nowdays I tend to merge my music & sound with visual. I love AVS & allways fidlling with it when doing music. I found Processing to be very powerful in means of multimedial design & so easy to integrate in web. Im still searching & researching coz there are allways new & briliant ideas comin and whats great some of the best tools of trade are open source.
And for the end I have a message. We know we are not perfect. The system we live in is far from worse right now. So lets unite. Lets share love, knowledge, ideas, theories & abstractions. Online & offline. BECAUSE WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. IF NOT US THEN OUR CHILDREN & THEIR CHILDREN AND ALL THE FUTURE GENERATIONS.
But for now lets just share knowledge & spread it in global network like I said ONLINE & OFFLINE.


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